Most hosting companies have been in business less then one year.  Although a new hosting company does not mean they are a bad company, it does mean that they do not have a proven track record running an Internet business.  Internet businesses are easy to setup but unfortunately for the end user; it also makes it easy for them to go out of business.

The ownership of BGS Grafix Internet Service, Inc. has been in the internet business since 1998.  We have proven over the years that our business model and dedication to our customers through personalized service is our key to success.

A lot of hosting companies are run by teenagers, we have seen some as young as 13.  Although a lot of people will argue that age doesn’t matter, the fact is that age does matter when you trust your business to someone who cannot legally enter into a contract.

BGS Grafix’s founder and principle owner is in his mid 50’s.  Old enough to sign contracts and know better!!

A lot of hosting companies are owned by companies outside the United States even though they colocate their servers in the US, which gives the appearance, that they are located in the US.  Again, by itself this does not mean that the company is a bad hosting company.  But the fact is that businesses need a company that is accountable if problems do happen.  Trying to take action against a foreign corporation is difficult at best and in most cases impossible.

BGS Grafix Internet Service, Inc. is a United States company with all its offices and employees located in the United States.  More specifically, we are located in Vero Beach, FL.

Some hosting companies host your site in their offices, retail stores, or even their homes.  Although this saves them thousands of dollars, this also means that they do not have the necessary safeguards such as battery backup, diesel generators, redundant cooling systems, fire suppression, and security to protect your business.

All sites hosted by BGS Grafix Internet Service, Inc. are housed in a true Data Center with battery backup, diesel generators, 24/7 staffed security and advanced fire suppression.  Our Data Center sits directly on the Internet backbone for maximum uptime and faster data delivery. 

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